Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A season of firsts.....

My son, Colvin, started back to school today. His first day of 8th grade.
He attends the same high school that my husband and I graduated from. He's actually a third generation Montrose Meteor. Seems like just yesterday, he was going off to his first day of kindergarten....
(***sigh***) Where does the time go?

On the stitching front: my first trunk show is scheduled to arrive today at Crafty Ewe in Ohio. I courageously packed up and sent off 5 of my samplers: Eye on the Sparrow, Dandy Dreams, Halloween Bright, Promise of Spring, and 47 Hearts. It was almost more nerve-wracking than sending Colvin off to school on his very first day! My samplers will be staying with her long enough so that those attending the Shop Hop in October can view them up close and personal. I'll be releasing "Grime's Ghost" soon...perhaps before the next full moon. Stay tuned and please stop by again soon!


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  1. You're son is very handsome, I hope he enjoys school and dosn't give his mum too many headaches - Your first trunk show - I have heard the Crafty Ewe to be a good place to shop - I am sure you will do well there - as the chinese say "fangxin" literally translated, rest your heart or don't worry. Will be watching my needlework store for your Grimes Ghost release - happy stitching!


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