Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweet Lullabies

Did any of you have a special lullaby that you sang to your child?

I did. I used to sing "Edelweiss" to Colvin every night. It was a soft soothing tune that was guaranteed to send Colvin on his way to dreamland, as is the nature of all lullabies. I decided to personalize this special lullaby by changing one word in the last phrase. "Bless my homeland forever" was lovingly changed to "Bless my Colvin forever." I can still hear his sweet little toddler voice asking me to, "Sing Edel-mice, Momma". Even though Colvin is now WAY past the age of lullabies, my song has now turned into a prayer for him.....May you bloom and grow forever.

With the Christmas season swiftly approaching, this post has me wondering what kind of lullaby Mary sang to her newborn Jesus. Surely he cried and needed to hear a soft melody that would calm and soothe him. Perhaps it was one that had been sung to her when she was tiny.

My new Christmas sampler which is due to be released VERY soon, is a tribute to the lullabies that Mary surely sang to Jesus. It is fittingly named "Mary’s Lullaby", and here is a little peak to feast your eyes on...
May the soft soothing sounds of the upcoming Christmas season, calm and quiet your soul.

Bloom and grow my friends!

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Pride...My Joy...My Baby Boy...

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I have one child, a boy, whose name is Colvin. I affectionately call him my "Gentle Giant" as he is 14 years old, 6'1", and still growing! Although he is a big boy, he uses his size only for good and not evil. He has been taught to treat others like he wants to be treated, a moral that is sadly lacking in some youth of today.

Colvin just finished up his first year in Freshman football. The Montrose Meteors Freshman Football team had a very successful season with only 2 losses. In all honestly, I wasn't flipping cartwheels when he asked if he could play football. After all, what mother wants to see her son on the bottom of the heap and potentially getting seriously hurt? But I decided that he deserved the chance to play and prayed for his safety each and every game. I am happy to report that the position he plays ensures that he will not end up eating grass on the bottom of the pile. I am one happy momma!

With the fall in full swing, it came time to capture Colvin's smiling face for school pictures. This is the third year that I have taken his photo and it's getting to be more of a challenge each year. But I was able to FINALLY capture a moment that looks so "naturally Colvin"......
The setting for his 9th grade picture was upstairs in the old horse barn at my Grandpa's old farm. Colvin grew VERY impatient with me while I scrambled to get "THE" perfect picture. But I persevered and I am extremely pleased with the final results. I am proud to say that it was a successful photo session and that I managed to complete it without inflicting any harm to my lovely 14 year old. Even though I was very frustrated, all I have to do is look at that face and I am reminded just how much I LOVE that boy. End of Gush!

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I have not been kidnapped, abducted by aliens, or entered into the Witness Protection Program. I've been going through CHANGES! Not "The" Change...(heavens, I'm MUCH too young for that!) but changes nonetheless. My husband Alan, started a new job about a month ago, at a book distribution company. We are all happy with this new job. The pay and benefits are terrific's second shift. So we are 2 ships passing in the night. or morning, whichever way you choose to look at it.

The second BIG change is ME! On September 21, I decided to turn over a new leaf. After many years and almost (gulp) 75 extra pounds, I've once again bought my one-way ticket for a trip on the weight loss wagon. I hope this will be my LAST trip. I'm sure you all understand. As of this long overdue post, I am proudly down 30 pounds.

I've had every excuse in the book.....and I'm done and ready to burn that highly overused book.

I also started a love affair with Ted Mill. He and I meet up every morning, 6 days a week, on the outskirts of my sewing corner in the basement. He graciously accepted my apology for neglecting him for sooo long, and enjoyed the thorough dusting that he so desperately needed. I aim for 2.75 miles each morning beginning around 6am. Ted is quite amazing. We've had an on-again off-again relationship for the past 10 years and even though I walk all over him, he is always waiting for me to return the next day. Alan has been very supportive of my time spent with Ted and although I spend a lot of time with him, he's really not my type. He's a bit too mechanical for my tastes. But we will continue to remain close friends until he plum wears out.

Because of these changes, I haven't been stitching much. So hang in there friends... there's more new designs yet to soon as the dust settles from all these changes.

Thanks for stopping by. We'll talk again soon!