Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweet Lullabies

Did any of you have a special lullaby that you sang to your child?

I did. I used to sing "Edelweiss" to Colvin every night. It was a soft soothing tune that was guaranteed to send Colvin on his way to dreamland, as is the nature of all lullabies. I decided to personalize this special lullaby by changing one word in the last phrase. "Bless my homeland forever" was lovingly changed to "Bless my Colvin forever." I can still hear his sweet little toddler voice asking me to, "Sing Edel-mice, Momma". Even though Colvin is now WAY past the age of lullabies, my song has now turned into a prayer for him.....May you bloom and grow forever.

With the Christmas season swiftly approaching, this post has me wondering what kind of lullaby Mary sang to her newborn Jesus. Surely he cried and needed to hear a soft melody that would calm and soothe him. Perhaps it was one that had been sung to her when she was tiny.

My new Christmas sampler which is due to be released VERY soon, is a tribute to the lullabies that Mary surely sang to Jesus. It is fittingly named "Mary’s Lullaby", and here is a little peak to feast your eyes on...
May the soft soothing sounds of the upcoming Christmas season, calm and quiet your soul.

Bloom and grow my friends!


  1. What a sweet story. I can't wait to see wait to see what the Christmas Sampler looks like.

  2. Your son is lucky you could sing, whenever I tried my son would shake his head and cry, lol - look forward to the new release - hugs, Amanda

  3. Yes I had aspecial lullaby i used to sing to my children when they were young.It was a German origin Christmas carol and they both loved it ... Mary's Lullaby looks very beautifull..


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