Sunday, September 23, 2012

Smile like you mean it!

Hello Friends!
I don't know where you are in the country, but it was a BEAUTIFUL day in my neck of the woods. The trees are just beginning to show off their new autumn wardrobe and the air has become refreshingly cool.

It's that time of year when many students are staring down the lens of a camera for school pictures that so often look like mug shots minus the numbers! We all have school pictures that we are quite embarrassed of and wish to bury in a very deep hole. (I won't even bring up my BIG hair and BIG glasses.) That's a topic for another day!

I was always afraid of what Colvin's pics would look like, not because he isn't photogenic (which he is), but because the photographer doesn't take much time with the kids to get the BEST possible pose and smile. Last year, I decided to take Colvin's school pics myself and I was very happy with the outcome. So, this year, I again played photographer much to my son's dismay.

This afternoon, we went to a local state park in our neighborhood and had our very own photo shoot. Colvin insisted that I took 100 photos, which isn't true. If he had been paying attention, he would have known I only took 99! He humored me by letting me pose him and politely waited to roll his eyes AFTER the pictures were taken. Such a charming child!

His glasses have transition lenses, so when I got him posed, I had to put his glasses on his face and quickly take the picture. After each picture, I took his glasses from him and stored them in the sweatshirt pouch until it was time for the next one. Geesh, no wonder he was rolling his eyes.

Here is the fruit of my labor:

This is my personal favorite!
He truly was a good sport and we accomplished what we set out to do...capture another year of memories. Just wait til he gets the bill!

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  1. Oh thats so sweet to see how much you love your son - My 4 year old just got glasses as well - they are horribly thick and I get super nervous when he's out in the sun with them on even though I make him wear a hat. Happy stitches - Amanda

  2. They are all really good pictures, but I agree with you. I think the last one looks the most natural.


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