Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How do you keep a turkey in suspense?

I'll tell you tomorrow! 
(I can hear the moans and groans!) Sorry. I just couldn't resist repeating a favorite joke from my childhood. All kidding aside, Norden Crafts has assured me that my interview has not been forgotten. Your visits to my blog are important. Please stay on-line for the next available blog post. Thank you for your patience. Please stand by..........for..........just..........a little..........bit..........longer. (insert elevator music here). While you're waiting, post some questions you'd like to know about me, and I'll answer them, in the order they are received!
Thanks for stopping by the Creek!
Do come again!


  1. What is your favorite childhood holiday memory? Inquiring minds want to know!! :)

    1. Hi Holly!
      What a tough question! I'd have to say my favorite childhood memory was waking up WAY too early Christmas morning and wondering if Santa came. My sister wanted to go out and check, but I wouldn't let her. What if he was STILL out there?! So we stayed in our bedroom (which was right next to the living room) and I peeked through the keyhole of our bedroom door! Ahhhh, the memories! And, yes, Santa did come!


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