Friday, December 27, 2013

Unwrapping a New Year

Hello blog-reading friends! Well, it's 2 days post Christmas. The gingerbread cookies have been consumed (only 2 small ones made it past my mouth!), the gifts have been exchanged, and there's only a small bit of Christmas dinner (chicken-n-biscuits) that remains in the refrigerator.
Colvin and Molly on Christmas morning.
Colvin, Me, and my hubby Alan
Since I began designing in 2009, this time of year worries me a bit. As each year has drawn to a close, I have amassed a collection of 10-15 newly designed samplers awaiting their time to be stitched and released. Each year, I wonder silently to myself: What if no one likes my new designs? What if my creativity fails me and I turn up with a bad case of designer's block?

Am I the only slightly insecure designer to feel this way? I surely hope I'm in good company and not in need of professional help. My wish is that 2014 brings downpours of inspiration and endless design ideas. I wish to thank all of you for supporting Silver Creek Samplers over the past 4 years. Without you, this would merely be a pipe dream instead of the reality that it has become. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

On that note, let us all clear out the clutter from the past year and ready ourselves to fill the blank pages of this brand new coming year. Together, we can make it GREAT!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from Silver Creek Samplers


  1. I am certain that everyone feels a little insecure :) A wonderful family and a fun filled Christmas! Happy New Year and many well wishes for you and yours next year!


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