Wednesday, December 16, 2015

...and Peace came to Silver Creek Road

It's been a VERY LONG TIME since I chatted with my stitching friends and for that I am so very sorry. I'm sure some of you have noticed my blogging absence as well as the fact that I have not released anything new in a long time. Life has a way of throwing curve balls, and this curve ball was one I almost struck out on.

My husband Alan and I have been married for 21 years. We've had our ups and downs, but were always able to keep the train on track...until this year. The marriage train almost ran off the tracks and over a cliff. I wasn't looking forward to Christmas (or anything else). Our State of the Union was crumbling and we were both ready to secede from it. As the holiday season approached, my mom and sister asked me what was on my Christmas list. I told them all I wanted was Peace on Silver Creek Road. However only my husband and I could make that happen and it wasn't looking likely that it would. Thankfully, Christmas is the season of miracles.

As we were trying to make our way through this dark wilderness, I could only focus on getting through each day and nothing more. There was no designing and very little stitching was happening- thus the lack of new releases. Until quite suddenly, our relationship took a turn for the better. Neither one of us could explain it, but we both know it's a "God thing".

I have once again regained my focus on stitching and designing. In the time span of just a few short weeks, I have designed 6 new samplers and I have resumed my stitching. I am the happiest I've been in a long time and it feels quite refreshing!

I do have 2 new releases to share with you. The first one, I designed and stitched in 2011, but then chickened out on releasing it, for fear that the large amount of words would intimidate many stitchers. I decided that THIS would be the year to release "The Master's Plan".

As you can see, it's a BIG one, but well worth the time to stitch.

In real life, I HATE mice. I am not scared of them, but I CANNOT share my living quarters with them. Their little beady eyes, whiskers and gray fur are cute... in the woods... NOT my house! When Chloe (our worthless cat) invites one of these wretched creatures upstairs, I grab the closest shoe and proceed to....ummm...well, to put it delicately, extinguish said rodent's life. Ok, I KILL the blasted creature! Please don't judge me! LOL. Anyhoo, my next new design features an adorable MOUSE! It's called "Sweet Marmalade". This is one mouse that is more than welcome to share our abode-especially if he shares his marmalade!
Thank you all for your kind and generous support. Designing is what truly makes my heart sing and now that peace reigns on Silver Creek Road, I hope to be bringing you all many more wonderful patterns in the years to come. :)


  1. we've been there, a few years ago but we got through it and now we are all the better for it, I wish you both well x

    Love the new designs, especially that little mouse!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Maggie!

  2. The seasons of marriage. We will be married 30 years in January. WE both admit that some of them were not the best. The season we are in now is certainly the sweetest.

  3. Thank you for your honest sharing. I'll be praying that your joy continues to grow. Love the old/new design. That's not too many words for me!

  4. I'm glad everything worked out for you.
    Cute new designs!

  5. so beautiful my dear..
    sending you big hugs and love x

  6. I can't wait to stitch this. What fabric was it stitched on, no one has it listed. I am sooooo glad that your marriage is good again. I have been single since 1991 and wish that God would give me someone. The wonderful thing is that HE has taken care of me so well, that I don't need anything. Amazing Father!!

  7. I absolutely love your designs and was excited to see new ones! I came to your blog to try to find a better photo of "The Master's Plan" and found your story. Thank you for sharing it. Anyone who is married understands the down times. I applaud you and Alan for working through your challenges. Too many people these days don't work it out but divorce instead. My husband and I celebrated 45 years in August ... as my husband jokes, 27 good ones ~ he makes up a number each time he says it, but the fact is that they weren't all good. But we're blessed to be here and now together. I wish you many more years of love.


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