Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Greetings Stitching Friends!

My last post was such a downer, that I hope to redeem myself with this one.

I can hardly believe that in just 2 short weeks, Silver Creek Samplers (and sister) will be hitting the road to Nashville for Market.

ACK!!!!!! There's still sooooooo much to be done, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share my new releases.

At the end of January, my mom was hospitalized and had emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer and I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to get to Nashville. After her surgery, she gave me her blessing to go. She is now in rehab, working to regain her strength and return to total health. She's on the mend, but still has a long road ahead.

This year brings only 3 new designs with 1 available for shops to pre-order. With all of the life changes I have been facing, I am satisfied that I am able to offer these few but fabulous designs.

OK. I've yapped enough. Here they are. The few, the fun, the fabulous.......

If you see something you like, please let your local needlework shop owner know and they'll be more than happy to pick up 1 (or all 3) for you at Market. Thanks for browsing my new offerings and for all the support you've given Silver Creek Samplers over the past 9 years. I have MANY more designs in the works, so thread that needle and keep stitching!

Now I have to return to Market preparations. Talk to you soon!



  1. All great designs.
    I hope you do well and have a great time at Nashville!!
    Have a safe trip also.

  2. Diane, best wishes to you as you head to Market. I will keep your Mom in my prayers for a full recovery. Have a safe journey to and from! I love the graphic about being aida friendly. Is there a story behind that?

    1. Robin, I have received messages from stitchers asking if they can stitch a design on aida instead of linen, so I figured I'd make a graphic letting everyone know that my designs have no partial stitches, enabling stitchers to use whatever fabric is most comfortable for them.


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