Thursday, May 23, 2013

Atom is Doing the Neutron Dance!

This June it will have been 23 years since I donned my mortarboard and white gown, and marched proudly down the auditorium aisle to Pomp and Circumstance. I left the halls of Montrose Area High School, educated and ready to take on the world. So glad I was that my test-taking, project making years were now behind me. That is, until I had a child.....

Colvin was required to make an atom model for 8th grade science. He chose Boron (as in: Science is very Boron!) Knowing Colvin like I do, he chose Boron because it was the easiest element to model. But don't tell him I said that! (He'd probably agree though.)

He asked for my assistance and buttered me up by saying that I was more artistic than he is. So, out came the craft containers that live in my Hoosier cabinet. He did the research and together we located the correct number of protons, neutrons and electrons. A bit of wire and hot glue (no craft project is complete without it), one wooden ball, one small screw eye, 5 pink buttons, 6 black beads, and 5 clear buttons later, his Boron atom model was born...

After we cleared the dining room table of all craft paraphernalia (including dried hot glue boogers) I asked Colvin, "We've just made an atom. Now when do we make Eve?" All I got in response was a smirk, complete with teenage eye-roll. I thought it was funny!

How many of you have been roped into projects like this? I guess it goes with the territory of being a parent (but I don't remember reading that part in the fine print). Oh well, atom is complete and memory #2,479 has been made. Yup, it's worth it!

Thanks for humoring this high-school educated gal by reading this far. I do hope you'll visit me again.



  1. Oh yes I can remember some interesting projects. Parents are Jack of all trades.
    well done with your guidance on the atom

  2. Loved this story!!! It's been a lot of years since my kids were teenagers, but I'm pretty sure that I never got "roped" into something this complex. But I know I had my share of "mom, can you help me with.................." requests. Thank you for sharing - with a mom who "only" has a high school education as well and think I did ok in spite of it!!! LOL


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