Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The proof is in the pictures!

Basement Beautification......
 Enter into evidence picture #1.....(please forgive the ugly red metal pole and the breaker box in the right corner!) The dark brown piece of furniture is an antique sideboard that came from my grandpa's farm. My sewing machine has a place on honor atop the old singer treadle.
Enter into evidence picture #2.....the antique wood ironing board also came from my grandpa's farm. The unsightly but functional bricks underneath the legs give it added height for more pressing comfort! Two of my new shelves are located above the ironing board and are supporting many plastic boxes of cotton fabric. All of the miniature quilts shown were made many years ago by yours truly.
and the final piece of evidence.....picture #3. Here you see my cutting table which is an old enamel top table that was in the basement when we bought the house in 1996. I added the shelf above the cutting table, which holds more decorative rather than functional items. The big wooden scissors were a garage sale find and the 3 wooden boxes were found at a flea market. The blue carpeting you see on the floor was recycled from my childhood church after new carpeting was installed in the vestibule. Just call me Second Hand Rose! In case you're wondering "What's behind the louvered doors?"....Relax, it's not more fabric in plastic containers. It's just our washer and dryer!

I hope you enjoyed your 5 cent tour of my sewing corner. I sure did!

Stay tuned for more pics where I'll unveil the newly built bookshelves which surround the freshly painted loveseat. I'm sure you can't wait! Such an exciting life I lead down by the creek!



  1. ooooooo thanks for the tour ... it is soooo organised and glad you have some heirlooms in there .. things were made to last in them days :) and cute quilts too :) love mouse xxxx

    who now things she had better go and do a bit on her room now ...lol

  2. It looks very functional!
    Love the old ironing board and treadle machine.

  3. Thanks for the tour! Looks like a great work area.

  4. I bet you feel like stretching your arms out like Julie Andrews (Sound of Music) and twirling around. I loved every penny's worth of your fabulous tour. Fantastic treasures especially because they are from your grandfather. Congrats on your new creative space.
    love Annette

  5. Aww I love it so much..thank you for Sharing x

  6. What a fantastic space, love the antique pieces and think it's fabulous that you are using them - it's the way it should be.

  7. Thank you for sharing your sewing corner with us. I too have my grandmothers ironing board(which looks like yours) and treadle machine in my sewing room.
    Happy Stitching

  8. It looks so cozy and comfortable! I bet you'll be spending hours/days down there now that it's so organized!

  9. Such a cosy spot for all your things! Hope you have many happy hours there.


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