Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Going the extra mile and laying some tile....

Yes my dear friends, the basement is STILL a work in progress.
The loveseat and new bookshelves are painted, but I still
have to sew a new cover for the loveseat cushion.
However that won't happen until I finish laying the tile.
I have been struck by the ever-growing home improvement snowball.
You know how it goes.... 
one thing leads to another...
which leads to another...
and still yet another!
Our basement has had a bare wooden subfloor for close to 15 years, 
and I thought it was high time to finish the darn thing.
Being the cheapskate thrifty homeowner that I am, I decided to take 
the most budget-friendly route and use the sticky-back tiles which cost a 
VERY economical 38¢ a piece. Armed with 2 Lowes giftcards that were 
burning a hole in my pocket, I purchased 4 boxes of tile, donned my 
very hillbilly practical syrup-making bib overalls, and got down on my knees
for most of Sunday afternoon. My knees may never be the same again....
So hang on my dear readers. Pictures will be coming in the near future
as soon as I can pick myself up off the floor to retrieve my camera.......



  1. I was thinking about you and your new room today, and how much you will LOVE it in the heat of summer! Or in the heat of spring, which is what we are having now!

  2. Hope you have knee pads! I bet the floor is looking great already. When your done it will be like a whole new room. love Annette


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