Thursday, May 30, 2013

The G.B.B.P. is DONE! Complete with pictures too!

The Grick Basement Beautification Project has come to an official end! Signal the marching bands, cheering crowds, and confetti throwers! I know you're all just chomping at the bit to see the pics, so without much further ado..... it all began with an idea from Pinterest:
Seeing this pic, made the wheels in my head begin turning. "I should build these bookcases to surround the basement loveseat. Perhaps that would be a good way to disguise the ugly print of said loveseat...
While perusing Pinterest, I discovered a way to makeover the loveseat, and give it an updated look:
The wheels in my head were now turning so fast that they were beginning to produce smoke. Ok. The loveseat will now be painted. Off to Lowes (my favorite store!) to pick out paint. After the first coat, I began to doubt if this was going to work, but I persevered and painted a second coat. and a third. and a fourth. Yes, it took 4 coats to make the ugly print of the past disappear. Then things began looking up:
I LOVED the transformation! It was then decided that the piping should be painted white for an added bit of pizazz. I did not paint the cushion, so I made a trip to another favorite store...Joann Fabrics! With paint chip in hand, I carefully selected an outdoor upholstery fabric (that was on sale for 50% off!) which would compliment the paint color...
Now with the loveseat makeover completed, I could build the aforementioned bookcases:
By now, I'm doing cartwheels! It looks just like the Pinterest photo, minus the oversized fish sculpture! These new shelves provide a perfect place to put clear totes full of Silver Creek Samplers inventory. You can also see the new floor tiles too. This complete transformation was 3 weeks in the making, but I couldn't be happier with the finished product! And to think this all began with something as innocent as cleaning my sewing corner.

We've all heard or said "A clean house basement is a sign of a wasted life", but my life has been everything BUT wasted! Thanks for stopping by our new and improved basement. It's getting hot here in N.E. Pennsylvania, so I'll have a cool and clean place waiting for me to escape the heat and humidity. Please stop by again to see what's new down by the creek!



  1. I LOVE it! You are so clever and ambitious and have created a perfect place to work. Good job!

    And who needs an oversized fish sculpture anyway?!? :)

  2. You did a great job on all of it.
    Congrats on your finishes!
    It looks very nice.


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